Le Pile Poêle

Nos cartes

As a start to your meal


Beef carpaccio (lemon, basil, parmesan) 8.50€
Tomatoes tartar 8.50€
Basket of warm goat’s cheese with honey 8.50€
Baked camembert with green salad 8.50€
Salad with chicken liver, duck gizzard and apples 8.50€
Assorted fried seafood (shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, smelt fish) 8.50€
Tuscan salad (cured ham, coppa and smoked duck) 12.50€


Continuing on a road full of flavours


From the sea

Scallops served with tagliatelle pasta 13.50€
Scallops on a bed of stewed leeks 15.50€
Prawns with ‘evil’ sauce(classic French, spicy brown sauce) 16.50€
Red mullet fillets in a Provencal sauce(anchovies, capers) 17.50€
Fillet of sea bream with a star anise sauce 17.50€
Sea bass fillet with a seafood sauce 18.50€
Mixed sea grill plancha(scallops, fish fillets, prawns, squid) 18.50€

All above dishes are served with rice as well as vegetables.

From the land

Andouillette 5A Sausage with a selection of assorted mustard 13.50€
Beef tartar (prepared raw or seared) 13.50€
Beefsteak with your choice of sauce below 16.50€
Duck breast with honey sauce 18.50€

Sauce selection: peppercorn (3 varieties), shallot, Roquefort

All above dishes are served with potatoes as well as vegetables.


Ending on a sweet note


Cheese Plate with 4 cheeses 6.50€
Crème brulé 6.50€
Iced nougat 6.50€
Cake infused with rum, filled with cream 6.50€
Homemade molten chocolate cake 7.50€
Fruit gratin 7.50€
Gigi’s chouquette (puff pastry vanilla ice cream, chocolate with whipped cream) 8.50€
Coffee with an assortment of small desserts 8.50€
Sundae 3 scoops of your choice, whipped cream 8.50€
Chocolate liégeois sundae (2 scoops chocolate, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream) 8.50€
Coffee liégeois sundae(2 scoops coffee ice cream, espresso, whipped cream) 8.50€
Mount Blanc sundae (3 scoops vanilla ice cream, chestnut cream, whipped cream) 8.50€
White lady sundae (3 scoops vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream) 8.50€
Colonel sundae (2 scoops of lemon sorbet, vodka) 8.50€

Net prices

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